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Web site optimization

    Website optimization, SEO (Search Engile Optimization), Chinese for search engine optimization, based on intent, SEO, also called "website optimization" or "search engine optimization". However, there are essential differences between the two concepts.

    SEO is the law of us search engine rankings, Web site optimization, make your website in Baidu and Google rank increased, so that search engines bring you customers.

    is a network marketing.

    is a site for more Internet marketing to your potential customers.

    is a Web site from search engines such as Baidu Internet marketing to get more potential customers.

    effects of SEO ranking in search results improve.

    SEO marketing advantage:

    effective length: in the case of professional SEO maintenance can be effective for a long time, a year, two years or even forever.

    good effect: Web site traffic promotion; registered users increased; these can be accurately quantified, unlike advertising, the effect is difficult to accurately assess.

    price: much cheaper than PPC advertising. PPC or online advertising costs are now higher than SEO has the absolute advantage.

    user experience: enhance friendship, enhance brand reputation.

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