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Search promotion

    Google users around the world can provide search results and the search time is typically less than half a second. Now, Google needs to provide 150 million queries a service every day. November 18, 2003, the famous website visitor survey OneStat's latest data show that Google 39 per cent of the Chinese search market, ranking first; English Google search market share rose to 56.1 estimated to cut from 55.2, exporter in the world.

    the world's largest Chinese search engine, Baidu has over 60 million hits per day, or query information, is the most commonly used Chinese search engine. Million by the China computer education evaluation and I Research, such as the famous consulting study shows that Baidu users most frequently used and most popular Chinese-language search engine.

    company is a global Internet communications, Commerce and media company. Its network every month for over 180 million users around the world to provide a wide range of online services. Yahoo is the world's first company to provide Internet navigation service website, regardless of traffic, online advertising, home or business user interface, is leader, is the most well known and one of the most valuable Internet brand, ranks 38th in the global consumer brand rankings. Yahoo search as the industry's leading search engine, search engine development is located in the forefront of the industry, is one of the most popular search engines.

    3721 Chinese Internet services currently cover more than 90 per cent of Internet users in China, used more than 50 million passengers a day, is the largest Chinese Internet usage, is one of China's Internet users favorite Web services.

    Web site is composed of abstract in English letters and numbers combination of symbols of, very inconvenient in our memory and use. Network real name allows you to navigate the online natural language, say goodbye to obscure, hard to remember the English site, help customers with real-world business, product, trademark name, quickly and easily find the companies, products, and related information.

    the exclusive Open Directory project (ODP), has the characteristics of self-developed Web masters, with a list of thousands of duty administrator, created for the majority of Internet users with more than 10,000 items, more than 250,000 active site information, information 2000~3000 the new site, visit more than 7.5 million professional and authoritative directory query system And combined page retrieval using the most advanced search technology, to provide users with an efficient and convenient services.

    do you want to make your website stand out? Want to build a good image, win more opportunities in the competition yet? Sohu website promotion can achieve for you! Sohu company from China's first large scale search engines, become very popular with users of the integrated portal site.

    Sina search engine is a global Chinese Web information search system, since its inception, relying on its strong technical strength, and constantly improve our quality of service, won a large and stable user base. Especially Sina search in November 2000 launched the first comprehensive search engine, launched in July 2002 and in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and search engine promotion services, four in North America, was confirmed in the field of Chinese search leader.