Service project

Web site maintenance


    1, each maintaining content needs to mail form or notify us in writing.

    2, get information, on that day, check with your needs, agreed completion time, maintenance work orders issued this site


    4, the website maintenance is complete and post or Email to the customer after acceptance

     5, within the specified time, phone notify you of acceptance of

    Website maintenance services basic contents

    • monitoring the operation of the site;

    • ensure normal operation of website scripts;

    · Monitor and ensure normal operation of your host in the State;

    • backup site content and data

    • monitoring of domain name resolution health;

    • provide website maintenance services, including: Web page text content, modify picture processing, updating of the content of a Web page;

&Nbsp;   site content, modify the text in a Flash animation; Web page links to update, modify website content changes;

    • Web site comments and suggestions to improve and perfect, improve website performance;

    • make new pages and modules, while ensuring the integrity and unity of style.