Service project

SEO prices

    SEO optimization ranking offer on the left side (optional keywords)

    service type request rank effects price

    universal user guarantee at least 1 keyword 5-15 keywords left top 10 2000

    extension provide users with the 10-15 keyword to ensure that at least 3 keywords in the top 20, one of the top 10 7000

    professional users with the 15-20 keyword to ensure that at least 5 keywords in the top 20, three of the top 10 14000

    instructions [applicable to the Optional keyword optimization ranking on the left]:

    left the following SEO optimization ranking cost case management:

    a) keywords to overheat or relevance of competition is too high. B) ranking position is not included in the range listed above. C) other special requirements of customers, need to be taken into account optimization ranking SEO quote on the left.

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