Excessive optimization website design features

    proficient in Web site optimization seoer aware of these places can be optimized, those places are not allowed to optimize, or be search engine optimization site is easy due to excessive punishment.

    heavy optimization has the following features:

   , external links, anchor keywords, basic is the main targeted keywords.

    II, external links, rapid growth within a short time, then stop the growth.

    c, external links, anchor text and page titles are highly consistent.

    four, all optimized for keyword optimization, for example: title tag, keywords and description tags, H1, H2, bold, export link text, image ALT attributes, first paragraph of the page text, internal link anchor text, text, URL, and so on.

    Wu, the lack of internal links and external links, the vast majority are based on targeted keywords as anchor text links to Home.

    If you have these characteristics, the new site will take a long time to be in sandbox; old site, all these factors add up to a threshold, they would be subject to some degree of punishment.