How to obtain website success IQ?

    website construction companies, graphic design firms in the site process, website design often meet customer requirements were revised again, program compatibility problems or a Web design and artwork, and wasted a lot of manpower and material resources, despite the great hardships to designers, programmers, and customer satisfaction remain high. This is a recurrent problem in the website market. How to make website construction company out of this dilemma, both efficient implementation team, and create higher customer satisfaction?

    at present, through the analysis of the five key skills, using intelligent system solutions to website construction company's current plight.

   , information & analysis

    designers and to establish good communication between the customer and customers for the first time to correct and complete information to the designer. Designers must understand why there should be such a request, and modify views, make your own design ideas and clear backing to the final product.

    II, personnel & processes in transition

    website construction labor costs under a lot of pressure. Website building competition, gross margin is very low. Only construction process and allocation of human resources to carry out effective reform, subdivided building process: preliminary planning, Home design, interior design, coding, testing, external testing, maintenance, and arrange personnel to achieve the best human resources.

    c, intelligent enterprise architecture

    the structure requires "flat", the convergence of various departments need to be more fluid, must reduce unnecessary intermediate links. For example: Designer direct communication with customers.

    four, product & service innovation

    site construction company require constant innovations and improve service.

    five, security & risk management (Security Risk)

    single, death is hard to avoid. Must be prepared in advance, through early warning and rapid reaction mechanisms to prevent and minimize the risk. Need to constantly guard against hackers ' attacks the server, the server must do proper firewall security mechanisms and emergency handling mechanism.

    only serious implementation, in the highly competitive, profit margins to stay.