Several methods of Web site traffic

    site, if someone is accessing the problem is critical, how to get daily access to tens of thousands of it, this effect is not easy to achieve, but ultimately it is a way, if we stick to the following practices, Web site traffic can quickly upgraded.

    1: site-wide analysis emphasizes the website user experience

    the Web site for a comprehensive analysis of the look is not appropriate experience, I think user experience is very important, but also to ensure Web site traffic, site cannot be good if our own analysis, questionnaires can be taken in conducting the inquiry, it would be more accurate.

    2: publish original articles

    of original Web site content on a website is very important. If you want to run your Web site, I advise you do and don't want to be lazy, to collect other site content. If you're passionate about collecting, right when I said this is nonsense.

    original is not necessarily must be your own, make sure you can change someone else's article, change time must pay attention to the site title, site of the first and the end of, really don't want to reverse the order of the article, change the base font size, position, if time permits testing software testing is best to use the similarity.

    3: often update

    This is important, because each browse who are hope can understand latest of advisory, you if each article news are is last a appeared, browse who will think you in reproduced, as on bad has, also has is as of management good we of articles, articles don't repeat of too more, each a times of audit are to seriously, so you must to diligent, As long as you are diligent, you will be able to do.

    4: more interactive

    interactive to better attract visitors, because of his involvement in it, interesting.

    5: more professional

    A5 did a good job on this, most visitors here are website optimization, website promotion, higher knowledge, and do here is original.

    6: research statistics on your Web site

    often do their own traffic route, analysis of where you come from, where few select contributors, more importantly helps us analyze keyword routing, traffic, doing so will help us discover what people demand, makes it easy to adjust the content of the Web site.

    7: logical page

    This is a small place, you can improve the speed of your Web page and let your customers stay on your site longer, but also improved the website's PV, so why not? But also be aware of the rational use of, sometimes not, viewers will be bored.

    Word diligent is the basis of development, originality is the further development of the solution, there is persistent hard work, not tztz efforts come on believe Kung Fu not diligent people, I believe you will succeed!