What is the role of SEO,SEO

    SEO is short for SEARCH ENGINE OOPTIMIZATION in English and Chinese translation for "search engine optimization". Simply put, SEO is to get traffic from the search engine technology. Search engine optimization of main work including: through said fine understand search engine of work principle, how in vast of page in the climbed take page, how for index and how determine a a keywords ranking location to on page content for science of optimization, makes its meet user browse habits, in not damage user experience of situation Xia improve search engine ranking, to improve website access volume, eventually upgrade website of sales capacity or publicity capacity of technology.


    SEO is a popular profession today, especially the rise of e-commerce, also a growing demand for SEO, every business Web site needs the support of large flow into may, amount of search traffic is very important.

    SEO in the following classification

    1. met through the search engine traffic, expand brand awareness, its small investment big return, such as China Mobile and GOME electrical appliances.

    2. trying to get search engines to bring traffic to the site, and to make the site performance indicators on the rise, attracting investors and acquisitions.

    3. attract search engines to search for an accurate customer demand, so that they learn about and purchase the search target, such as online stores, sales-oriented enterprises site.

    4. rely on search engine traffic, and for advertisers of all ages so its put in a certain amount of advertising, such as Baidu Satoshi Union.

    5. want to search engine traffic, visitors can push the price of a product, instead of buying on the spot. Production-oriented enterprises site, dating sites, membership model site.