What are the causes of Web site rankings

    each have their own people or business networking in Baidu's ranking is very much concerned, management website owners is checking into the top of each of them must be a task, as a habit. Day not view are think this day less has points what, dang himself of website of ranking rose some will was very happy, as sent Xia himself of website ranking declined has, on will some depressed, dang himself of website declined range is big of when, each webmaster I estimated face are green has, thought himself of website is was Baidu drop right has, actually for website ranking declined is has many reasons of, if processing improper may will let problem variable of complicates.

    Tianjin site construction company the website in Baidu's ranking is as follows:

    1: If your site's ranking has changed a little, it can be said to be a normal phenomenon, and websites in the same industry, after all, a lot, every day, someone in the Administration Web sites top sites. Sometimes other sites than your website is a normal thing. Coupled with the variety of reasons cannot be avoided when there is such a situation, the best method is the strengthen the optimization of your Web site, increase efforts to promote, and strive to exceed peer competitor websites.

    2: If website declined range is big, sometimes reached dozens of name, such of website Tianjin website construction company analysis has two species situation

    (1) see about website of overall changes, main is see about others of website is also appeared has such of situation, is has new website row in you website of front has, analysis good these situation, if is such of situation, Description search engine Baidu has been adjusted, so don't worry, because it is not his mistake caused Baidu down right, then slowly studies the principles of search engine Baidu and optimization of the website accordingly, waiting for the next ranking to see if updated.

    (2) if in view ranking of results Hou, found other website of ranking No changes, only himself of website of ranking some is big of declined, this description is because what of operation improper and makes website ranking declined has, then scored precipitation is where out has improper of operation, main check website of update and layout structure is do has changes, friendship links whether reduced or see friendship connection in the whether has was k of website, Self sites have problems such as dead links, keywords are not changed. Of course, this is only part of exam must be taken.

    when there is a dropped big time first and foremost is the need to calm down and to article-by-article analysis, to learn how to use a process of elimination, found the reasons for the decline, and make the appropriate solution, to make the site's ranking back to normal.