large amounts of data show that for most sites, the strange visitors 80%-90% through search engines to find your site, so the ranking on popular search engines directly impact your Web site effectiveness, especially in Google (the world's largest search engine), Baidu (China's largest search engine) on the rankings. In the relevant industry keywords, target keyword ranking impact you in the industry's impact, consumer impressions and brand experience.

    search engine optimization service process:

    first steps, search engine analysis, website analysis 1-1

    1-2, website keywords analysis

    1-3, the Web site architecture analysis

&Nbsp;   1-4, Web page design and analysis of

    1-5, the reverse link analysis

    1-6, site analysis of human

    1-7, website traffic analysis

    ... ...

    a range of indicators on your website in terms of both SEO and humanity, systematic understanding, in order to provide adequate preparation for making SEO strategy.

    second, the SEO strategy 2-1, keyword selection strategies

    2-2, the website framework optimization

    2-3, page detail optimization strategy

    2-4, site optimization strategy of human nature

&Nbsp;   2-5, the website back link strategies

    Website Optimization effect is good, the key depends on what kind of SEO strategies, we will stand in view of Web site operators to formulate the most suitable SEO your website strategy to help you achieve the best results.

    III, website optimization, implementation 3-1, site optimization work split

    3-2, technical team training

    3-3, website optimization, implementation and management of

    after a good SEO strategy, We will find your Web site professional SEO training of technical teams, and then split the website optimization, implementation of the programme, and will help your site website optimization technical team, and supervision and management of the implementation process. (A large website in accordance with the above process to operate, smaller sites will be carried out directly by the optimal division of optimization)

    four 4-1, site map, search engine rankings improve the production

    4-2 search engine log

    4-3, backlinks increase

     4-4, search engine ranking detection

    Website optimization is over, through the above measures, prompted the search engine to quickly update the site to make the site better SEO ranking in search engines results as soon as possible.