About Us

    Ningbo base Ltd is a professional website optimization technology for Chinese enterprises to provide a full-service e-commerce solution provider. Main engaged in: Ningbo Connaught base website optimization, and Ningbo website optimization, and Ningbo SEO, and Ningbo SEO optimization, and Ningbo Baidu optimization, and Ningbo website optimization company, and Ningbo SEO company, and Ningbo keywords optimization, and Ningbo search optimization, and Ningbo Baidu left optimization, and Ningbo Baidu snapshot optimization, and website construction, and website optimization, and website promotion, and website making, and page maintenance, and in computer graphics image making and the network technology of development application, aspects made has good of performance, get industry cooperation partners and user of certainly.

    our careers

    information for enterprises and individuals to build a first Web site building first-class enterprise for the e-commerce Web site is committed to helping SMEs to create online direct marketing and advertising new areas for your site to provide the professional planning and advisory services to build a website from domain registration to website whole plan integration services ; For building a Web site from the page design services to the full range of technology solutions.

    We aim to

    as a leading website optimization experts became the most outstanding technical experts became the most authoritative website planning advisory group; the best website promotion and Internet direct marketing expert; its Web site comprehensive level of integration with the world's advanced technology; became a member of the world's best website builders And technology into the industry's most advanced Internet network.

    our team

    We have excellent technical personnel and marketing elite; we have a wealth of experience at our disposal the most advanced technology; we perceive the most complex change process management and understanding of our science work; we're not the most intelligent minds, we are the most dependable employees.